A Way Out - Civil War Print by John Paul Strain

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Title: A Way Out
Artist: John Paul Strain
950 s/n Limited Edition
28 s/n Artist Proofs
Reproduction Technique: Fine Offset Lithography
Printed on 150# dull-coated art reproduction cover that is archival quality and neutral pH, using premium fade-resistant inks with multiple enhancement colors.
     The battle at Fort Donelson had been raging for two days.  The Confederate Army found itself under a state of siege by the surrounding forces of General Ulysses S. Grant.  Intent on finding a way through the Federal lines Colonel Nathan B. Forrest led the 7th Tennessee Cavalry in two unsuccessful charges against an Infantry supported Union Battery.  Following a hurriedly arranged meeting with Colonel Roger W. Hanson, Commander of the 2nd Kentucky Infantry Regiment, both Commanders agreed that the best strategy would be to attack the enemy simultaneously.  The joint efforts of the Orphans, Forrest's Cavalry, and Captain Rice Graves' Artillery sent the Union soldiers into complete retreat and opened up the sought after avenue of escape and "A Way Out."