Charge 'Em Both Ways

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Title: Charge 'Em Both Ways
Bedford Forrest at Parker's Cross-Roads
December 31,1862
Artist: Ron Lesser

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Sons of Confederate Veterans Special Commemorative

In a final effort to get out from between two Union forces Brigadier General Nathan Bedford Forrest leads a mounted charge against Col. John Fuller's left flank. (One source says that Forrest rode at them "recklessly and savagely".)

Battle Summary

Date: Dec.31 1862 Location: Henderson County, Tennessee Campaign: Forrest's West Tennessee Campaign of 1862 Principal Commanders: Brig. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest CS, Brig. Gen. Jeremiah C. Sullivan US

Description of Battle

As Brig. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest 's Expedition into West Tennessee neared it's conclusion, Union Brig. Gen Jeremiah C. Sullivan, with the brigades of Col. Cyrus L. Dunham and Col.John W. Fuller, attempted to cut Forrest off from withdrawing across the Tennessee River.

At daybreak, Col. Dunham marched his brigade from Clarksburg to Parker's Cross-Roads.
Like Dunham, Forrest held early reveille and led his men for Lexington by way of Parker's Cross-Roads.
Skirmishing began about 9:AM, with Forrest taking an initial position along a wooded ridge northwest of Dunham.

His Federals repelled frontal assaults until attacked on both flanks & the rear. Forrest sent Dunham a demand for surrender. Dunham refused and was preparing for Forrest's next attack when Fuller's Union brigade arrived from the north, and surprised the Confederates with an attack on their rear.

"Charge em both ways", ordered Forrest. The Confederates reversed fronts, repelled Fuller, then rushed past Dunham's demoralized force and withdrew south to Lexington and crossed the Tennessee River.