Valiant Charge at the Angle

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Title: Valiant Charge at the Angle
Brigadier General Richard Brooke Garnett and his Brave Virginians of Pickett's Division at Gettysburg
July 3, 1863
Artist: Ron Lesser

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Brigadier General Garnett, reaching the Angle, calls out to the 28th Virginia, "Faster men - faster! We're almost there." The Rebels approached the wall, their line in complete disarray. When they got to within 20 yards of the stone wall, the 69th Pennsylvania unleashed a devastating volley directly into their midst. Staggered and shattered, the Confederates kept on coming.

General Garnett was struck and killed instantly. His body was never identified.

General Garnett's black charger - Red Eye - amazingly survived the onslaught and was later seen galloping toward the Confederate lines.

Regiments & Color Guards

Confederate Battle flags (left to right):

Kemper's Brigade, Pickett's Division, Longstreet's Corps 3rd Virginia - The 3rd VA from Kemper's brigade became intermingled with the 8th VA. The 3rd VA flag carried by Sgt. Robert A. Hutchins

Garnett's Brigade, Pickett's Division, Longstreet's Corps 8th Virginia - carried by Sgt. William O. Thomas 19th Virginia carried by Cpl William Black 28th Virginia carried by Color Sergeant Thomas C. Holland

Note: All of the original color guards were wounded or killed. The men listed above carried the flag at some point but may, or may not, have survived to reach the wall with the standards.

Federal flags (left to right):

Second Corps, Second Division - Brigadier General Alexander Webb 71st PA 69th PA Irish Regimental Flag 69th PA State Colors carried side by side with the Irish Reg. Flag The guns of Battery A, 4th US Artillery, Lt. Alonzo Cushing commanding

Source: “Never Desert the Old Flag”! - 50 Stories of Union Battle Flags and Color-Bearers at Gettysburg, and “This Flag Never Goes Down”! - 40 Stories of Confederate Battle Flags and Color Bearers at Gettysburg, both by Michael Dreese