A Ride With Anna by John Paul Strain

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Title: A Ride With Anna
Artist: John Paul Strain
750 S/N Limited Edition Prints
     Image Size  26 5/8" x 19 1/2"
Canvas Giclées
75 S/N Studio Canvas Giclées 
     Image Size  23 1/2" x 17"

Reproduction Technique: Fine Offset Lithography
Printed on 150# dull-coated art reproduction cover that is archival quality and neutral pH, using premium fade-resistant inks with multiple enhancement colors.
     Mid-February of 1862 was undoubtedly one of the happiest times for General Stonewall Jackson and his wife Anna.  As with a number of officers’ wives, Anna would travel to be with her husband as much as possible.  This would be the first and only time, during the war, when she would be able to be with him for a relatively extended period.  It was during this special month that Anna became pregnant, fulfilling many hopes and dreams.  Theirs was one of the great love stories of the war.

          Organizing and honing his command into what would become one of the most successful armies in the war was a difficult and demanding task.  Anna’s presence in Winchester would even out some of the turmoil.  The Reverend Graham described how Anna “seemed to be the greatest alleviation to [Jackson’s] trials…His devotion to her was unbounded & he lavished upon her every attention & expression of tenderness.”

 The previous year while at Harper’s Ferry, Jackson had purchased two horses that had been recruited to the Confederacy while in route by train to the Federal Army.  One of the horses was a powerful, large sorrel, and the other gelding was a small well-rounded horse with an even temperament, which was purchased for Anna.  Jackson initially named Anna’s horse “Fancy”, but as the horse became the General’s primary mount, the horse became known as “ Little Sorrel”.

Riding along the pathways of Winchester in the stillness of the twilight, the couple enjoyed their time together.  Jackson knew he had a great challenge ahead.  He also knew that the Lord had a plan for his life, and that he needed only to follow the Lord’s will.  Riding alongside her husband on “Little Sorrel” Anna knew she also would follow her husband wherever the Lord led him.