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Hi Paul,
I will be the first to admit that, when I first came upon your website, I was a bit "skeptical" about the pricing  on some of the prints.  In fact, the two Mort Kunstler prints that I was most interested in were priced so low that, at first, I thought, "It has to be a misprint".  So I just kept watch on it and, after about a month, I decided to call, just to get any additional information.
Well, that phone call led to one of the most pleasant  buying experiences I have ever had.  Any "skepticism" that I might have has was totally unfounded.  Paul is a man of integrity.  A man of his word.  If he says he will do something, it will be done.  Simple as that!  He was extremely helpful, answering any questions.  And you can tell that all this help and patience wasn't "just to make a sale".  I believe that he is one of the rare ones that "really does care".
I have gotten prints from the internet before, and was impressed with the packaging.  But after getting these prints from Dixie Prints, I now realize that the prints I received earlier could have been packaged much better.  The protective packaging from Dixie Prints was much more substantial and the care put in to the packaging was much more evident. 
In short, Dixie Prints will be the first place I check from now on.  I truly believe that Dixie Prints is the best place to buy the prints you want.  Their prices are truly, absolutely unbeatable and their service has been unsurpassed!!!
Fredericksburg, Virginia

   Thank you so much for the two Don Troiani prints. The prices were excellent in comparison to other galleries.  The customer service during our phone conversations was exceptional.  And the print packaging was so substantial, that as I was opening the packaging, I thought that you had by accident sent me framed prints, instead of the unframed ones that I had ordered.
    Even my wife was impressed, and she's a tough one to impress, considering she's the temperamental artist type, who some years ago had her own framing business.
    In the near future, when I expand my Troiani collection, I will most definitely be contacting Dixie Prints first.  Thank you again for your wonderful service.  Most of all, thank you for treating me the way every business should treat their customers, like a friend.

Lenny Budsock
Kennesaw, Georgia

To the Guys at Dixie Prints,     14 Sept 2006

   I would like to send this letter off to you in regards to the way you
run your business. I have been collecting prints for over 20 years and
have seen a lot of company's that can't come close to matching your
company's courteous ,professional, down home treatment that you give to
each customer. You make each person who does business with you feel
like one of the family. To know that there is a business that cares
about their clients the way you guys do is unbelievable. The best part
is all your prints are in mint, pristine condition and above all, the
lowest prices available.

  The way you mail your prints to your clients shows that you truly care
about the prints. The packaging is so completely safe and secure that
damage to any print is unheard of, let alone never going to happen.
Again thanks for being out there for anyone who needs a historical
print. All collectors of any level can put their trust in you. I know I

 Bob Ready, Stafford, Virginia

I just wanted to say that Danny & Paul are awesome.  Dixie Prints was recommend from another dealer for a specific print and we ended up buying three prints.  We were looking for a print that was no longer available (only secondary sale)and Danny & Paul found this hard to find print for us at a hard to find price!!!!!!!!!!!!  Every point of our business transactions were easy and well communicated. I consider them friends rather than dealers.  Any questions were answered promptly and every call or email was answered within hours.  We look forward to talking and buying with you in the future.  I HIGHLY recommend Dixie Prints.  I've talked to alot of dealers looking for these prints and no one was as helpful, friendly, and eager to find what we wanted as Dixie Prints. Thanks again Danny & Paul you are truly the friendliest and best people I ever dealt with. 
Maureen & Marty Hayden, Franklinville, New Jersey

My first experience with Dixie Prints was through an E-bay purchase.  I Was so impressed with the courtesy and speed with their processing of my order.  When the package arrived, I was even more impressed by their careful packaging of the prints.  I have been fortunate to obtain several Mort Kunstler prints from them and decided to ask for two prints I wanted that they did not have listed.  Danny quickly responded that they would have them in a couple of weeks and could match the price or do better than I had seen.  True to his word, Danny e-mailed that they had arrived and gave me a wonderful price.  I wonder if these guys ever sleep!  As soon as I replied, I received his response, even though it was over a weekend.  I look forward to future dealings with Dixie Prints.  Thanks, Danny.
Linda Glavis, Front Royal, VA

While I have never actually met Danny or Paul; I feel like I have known them forever.  They are both honest, friendly and the integrity that most of us can only wish for.  I have collected many prints just because of the trust and friendship I have developed with them both.  They have wisdom and the ability to make you feel like you matter to them, regardless of your amount of spending.  I applaud them for always willing to help, their advice, and their genuine ability to care.

Thanks Danny and Paul for always being there and for what I consider a true friendship!!
Mark Flitton, Alexandria, VA

"After being on the receiving end of several fraudulent online auction transactions, I decided to dedicate all of my future purchases to a reputable art dealer. Roughly three years ago, I gave Dixie Prints a chance. What I got in return was top notch customer service, a vast inventory of available products to choose from, safe packaging, and competitive prices. And in the rare event that a print arrives in less than perfect condition, Dixie Prints has a no hassle return policy. I couldn’t expect anything more from Danny & Paul..."        
-John K. / Kutztown, PA

Paul and Danny are the BEST! I've been dealing with them a little over a year now and it has been great! My collection of Civil War prints has grown signifacantly during that time, and I owe that to Paul and Danny. If it weren't for their great prices, my collection would not be where it is today.
It's hard to find people you can trust, but these guys you can. I look forward to dealing with them in the future and as long as they are in business,they will have me for a customer.Great Prices, Outstanding Service and Friendly Conversation , You can't go wrong with Dixie Prints!
-Lee Miller / Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Home of the soon to be World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers)

Several years ago, I started collecting civil war art.  In doing so, I made several acquaintances in the art community.  Among these, were Danny and Paul at Dixie Prints.  Over the years, I have had the pleasure of many transactions with them. 

One of the things that impressed me is their willingness to answer questions.  Several times I have called them due to concerns over storage issues.  They have not only discussed proper techniques with me, but referred me to others who could help out.  They do not have to spend hours on the phone with side bar conversations, but they do.

Their love and appreciation for art extends beyond that of running a business.  They care, and want you to feel comfortable and happy with your purchase.  You can’t go wrong with Dixie Prints, and you will definitely have a partner in your hobby if you spend any time chatting with these fine fellows.  They are not only considered my preferred vendor, but friends of the family.

-Chet Parzych / Chesterfield, VA

"Paul Littlejohn and Danny Linville – at DIXIE PRINTS – are TOP GRADE in my book.  I have been in the business world for 40 plus years and understand the meaning of VALUE ADDED service, QUALITY products, HONESTY, INTEGREITY, fair PRICING, and PROMPT delivery – the things that make a business successful in this day and age. Paul, Danny, and DIXIE PRINTS have all of these qualities and attributes and many more.  They represent their artists and business relationships with a high degree of personal pride – and I have found them to go way beyond the curve to make sure their customers are well satisfied.  Whenever I make an inquiry, by email, telephone, or fax – I get a PROMPT reply – from folks that appreciate MY business.  Paul and Danny go out of their way to be sure I get what I want, when I want it, and at a price that lets me know I have been treated fairly and honestly.  While their service is PROMPT, their packaging and shipping are far above the industry.  I have never lost a print or painting.  When you do business like DIXIE PRINTS, customers like me KEEP COMING BACK."
-Don Gowen / Decatur, Alabama
Financial Services Industry

“DixiePrints offers a wide range of Civil War Prints, at reasonable prices. The folks at DixiePrints answer any inquiry, by e-mail, the same hour. DixiePrints is very helpful if there should be any problem with the payment. DixiePrints delivers fast and in a safe package. There has never been a single print damaged.

So, if you like high-quality Civil War Art and value a good service and a kind treatment, we can sincerely recommend DixiePrints.”
-Max & Jobst /
Tauberbischofsheim, Germany

I’ve been collecting Mort Kunstler Limited Editions for just about two years now, and have amassed quite a few in that short period of time.  A large number of these prints have come from Dixie Prints, Inc., via either eBay purchases from Dixie Prints, or from direct purchases from Danny Linville or Paul Littlejohn from their website.  I’ve purchased LE’s, AP’s and giclée’s from them, and have been very pleased and satisfied with the quality of their products, as well as the care and consideration they take in packing and shipping the prints.  I’ve spoken with both Danny & Paul a number of times concerning then-future purchases and they’ve always been most helpful and friendly in our conversations, almost to the point of my feeling like family rather than as a customer!  So, while I’m mostly interested in Mort Kunstler items, I know that if I, or any of my friends are looking for John Paul Strain; Don Troiani; Dale Gallon or Don Stivers artwork – the place to go to is Dixie Prints."
-Art B. / Manassas, Virginia

"To do buisness with Dixie Prints is very easy and the service is outstanding. You get an answer to Your quistions at once. The print I ordered came very fast, sealed and in excellent condition. It is easy to come around Dixie Prints webside and find what You are looking for. I have recomented Dixie Prints for my friends and family in Denmark"
-Jesper N., Klarup / Denmark

" I first came across Dixie Prints about 3 years ago on the net. Since then, I have used Paul and Danny exclusively for my purchases of hard to find Künstler and Strain prints. If they don`t have it, they will do what they can to find it for me.  I also use their site to check the current value of the prints I have as I feel they don`t inflate the values.  Their care in packing and shipping is unsurpassed.  They are also very good at notifying me as to new publications by the artists of my choice.  We always deal on a first name basis and I consider Paul and Danny as freinds and fellow collectors rather than a business I deal with.  Anyone wishing to collect Civil War Prints can`t go wrong by using the good folks at Dixie Prints."
-John M. McKay / Virginia

My husband, George, and I would like to share with everyone how pleased we are to have Dixie Prints to purchase our Mort Kuntsler Prints from.
Dixie Prints and their staff are very helpful and courteous when we place an order-- prints always arrive on time along with being packaged and shipped perfect.
To anyone searching or wanting to buy prints we strongly recommend you contact Dixie Prints and I'm sure you will be as happy and pleased with their service as we are.
-Ruth Ann P. / Front Royal, Virginia

"I buy several prints a year and Dixie Prints is the best.  Their service and prices are unbeatable.  They have the best customer service of anybody that I have dealt with.  Their shipping is always quick and the prints are always packaged secure.  Dixie Prints is A++"
Scott Osteen / Hendersonville, North Carolina