Triumph at Chickamauga - Civil War Print by John Paul Strain

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Title: Triumph at Chickamauga
September 20, 1863
Artist: John Paul Strain
Edition size: 950 S/N
Reproduction Technique: Fine Offset Lithography
Printed on 150# dull-coated art reproduction cover that is archival quality and neutral pH, using premium fade-resistant inks with multiple enhancement colors.
Chickamauga, Cherokee for 'The River of Death' was the site of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War's western Theater. On the morning of September 20, 1863, ten miles south of Chattanooga, Confederate General Ben Hardin Helm led the 2nd Kentucky Regiment ("The Orphan Brigade"), in to three separate assaults on the Federal forces four times its size. The overwhelming size of the opposition meant that all three assaults were repulsed. One third of the 'Orphans' lost their lives that day including General Helm himself.

The news of Helm's death was a particular blow for his brother-in-law, President Lincoln, who was said to comment, "I feel as David of old when he was told of the death of Absalom."